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Passive Income for February 2021

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This is my second monthly report on how my passive income journey to $100,000 a year is working. This month my passive income was a lot lower. QYLD didn’t have a dividend payout and RYLD’s payout is happening tomorrow.

However, my Adsense experiment and Medium produced the most non-dividend income. The downside was that it wasn’t enough to exceed last month’s total income. Overall, I expect there to be blips and bumps along this $100,000 journey and that’s ok.

I continue to write and wrote up a storm this month by sharing my dividend-growth strategy. I shared 5 Tips to Building a Dividend Passive Income Portfolio and pondered the Search for a Low Touch Passive Income Generator.

With that said, here’s my passive income report for February 2021.

Web Monetization

I made some money on Web Monetization this month, a lot less than last month. I earned $0.74. I added web monetization to my recent rebuild of Thomasott.io. I’m now using the GhostCMS over there and it’s made me realize that paid subscriptions are the better way to go. Coil Web Monetization might be a futile waste of time.


I posted less on Medium this month but beat my previous month’s earnings. I wrote some poetry that only a few people cared about but my posts on the markets and investing seemed to generate the most income for me. This month I made $8.06! That’s the more than last months but not by a lot.

The biggest money-producing articles were my Wordpress to Hugo and my Low Touch Passive Income Generator.


Once again, I made $0.00 dollars on affiliate income. While I’ll continue to use Amazon affiliate links for the books I like to read, I’m not going to put a lot of effort into this. I think affiliates work once you get a big enough readership and Internet clout.

Google Adsense

I had a very good Adsense month. I made a $6.96 for the month. I had a flurry of income in the middle of the month but it began to dwindle to the end of the month.

I’m going to run Adsense for another month but I’m thinking of dropping these annoying ads and converting a portion of this blog a subscription site using GhostCMS. For that to happen, I need to write a script to convert all my posts to the GhostCMS JSON format. I’m almost there with a draft script and once it works, I will start the long process migration.


February was a decent dividend month for me. I made $52.00, which is less than the month before but that’s the nature of payouts. You try to get something for each month but the reality is that some months are not going to be good. I expect March to be spectacular. $JNJ, $QYLD, and $RYLD are expected to make a sizable payout.

Note: All dividends were reinvested for this month. I plan to do this for the entire 2021 while I BTFD (Buy The Fucking Dip) and add to more holdings over the coming months.

Total Passive Income for February 2021

  • Web Monetization: $0.74
  • Medium: $8.06
  • Affiliates: $0.00
  • Adsense: $6.96
  • Dividends: $52.00

Total: $67.76

Total Passive Income for 2021

Total for 2021: $213.01

Learn Stock Trading, Investing, and Risk Management

There are a handful of financial and trading books that have made a HUGE impact on my investments. If you want to trade and learn about money and risk management then I suggest you get the Van Tharp book. If you want just focus on long term investing, get the Random Walk Down Wall Street book.

Hell, get them both. I owe my wealth to what I learned in those books.

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