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Silver Prices Forecast

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Silver. It’s a wonderful precious metal and I’ve been enamored with it since I was a young boy. It’s one of the reason I became coin collector of Morgan Silver Dollars and love to search for junk silver. I get a giddy feeling when I find that “treasure” and feel like a modern day pirate looking for that “booty.” Of course, with my experience in machine learning, I’ve decided to combine my love of both and deployed silver prices forecasting models for every coin collector, coin dealer, and numismatic fan out there.

The idea is to provide interested collectors and dealers with a reliable way to forecast precious metal prices and adjust their spreads accordingly. The gold and silver prices forecasting models I built use newer machine learning methods in conjunction with time-tested and reliable forecasting models.

My price forecasting models range from short-term to longer-term forecasts and are free on markets.neuralmarkettrends.com for the world to consume. Every night the models get updated and recalibrated and new price forecasts are generated for gold and silver. Just note that my standard disclaimer does apply.

Update: I have noved the one week ahead silver price forecasts and gold price forecasts to neuralmarkettrends.com The 5 day, 4 week, and 6 month silver price forecasts will remain on markets.neuralmarkettrends.com for the time being. Thank you.

5 Day Silver Prices Forecast

The first model I deployed is a 5-day silver prices forecast model. This is a very short-period model that gets updated and recalibrated daily with new 5-day look head price forecasts.

4 Week Silver Prices Forecast

The second model is more of a medium-term look ahead for silver prices, it’s a 4-week silver prices forecast. As with the daily model, it gets updated and recalibrated daily with a new 4-week (ending on Friday) look ahead for silver prices.

6 Month Silver Prices Forecast

The last model is a long-term price forecast model for silver prices, it’s the 6-week silver prices forecast. I don’t forecast silver prices beyond that because the error rates get too high and no one can conclusively say where silver prices will be in 1 year or 5 years.

Silver Prices Forecast End Notes

Silver prices can be pretty volatile and are driven by a lot of external factors. I don’t recommend trading silver, or any precious metal like you would stocks. The spreads and premiums are usually too high to make it profitable. However, if you’re a coin collector, bullion collector, or a coin dealer, having a better and more reliable price forecast will help buy (and sell, gasp!) silver at the best prices.

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