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SMCI Hits All Time High

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Here’s one from the “if it has AI inside, it’s going to the moon” file. SMCI hit an all time high yesterday after hitting successive all time highs. It’s going to open probably higher than its close at $880.55 yesterday, but is it still a buy? According to Yahoo Finance it might be:

On the other hand, it’s possible that the company is still in the early stages of benefiting from powerful long-term demand tailwinds thanks to AI. With Supermicro valued at roughly $49 billion, the stock could still have big upside potential if artificial intelligence continues to power rapid sales and earnings growth. Shares have become riskier and could be volatile, but the stars could be aligning for the company to continue crushing expectations.


Supermicro’s performance outlook is promising, but investors should also keep the massive run-up for the stock in mind.

You’re a lunatic to think that this is a good long term buy at these levels. We’re at classaic pump and dump mechanics in the market now for anything with AI inside.

SMCI Daily Price

SMCI Daily price

SMCI Relative Performance to the Nasdaq

SMCI Relative Performance to Nasdaq

SMCI Seasonal Performance

SMCI seasonal performance

While I just learned about this bad boy, I might be tempted to enter a small position just to see if I can ride this stock to the moon. The important word in that sentence is might as things in the market are getting way to overheated right now. It’s ripe for a pullback.

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