Bitcoin Is Alive Again

Posted on Mi 26 Juni 2019 in Market Trends • Tagged with Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin • 1 min read

Bitcoin has blown past $12,000 / coin (almost $13,000) today and it's likely to continue before a small pullback. There's still room to run because the general public is starting to become aware of it again. Once that happens, the price will likely break $20,000 again. How do …

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Bitcoin is not Dead!

Posted on Fr 20 April 2018 in misc • Tagged with Bitcoin, Blockchain • 1 min read

According to Howard Bitcoin is not dead. I agree with him that price is a big indicator of where things are going but I can't help but wonder that this sudden uptick in cryptocurrency jobs is just a lag effect from when Bitcoin was $19,000.

I know people on …

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Bitcoin IS in a Bubble

Posted on Fr 10 November 2017 in misc • Tagged with Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency • 1 min read

Precisely for what this guy is writing about.

Bitcoin is not a bubble, contrary to the dishonest and non-factual claims of bank executives. There was a bubble in Bitcoin in 2013 when the demand for Bitcoin rose to a point where the market could no longer support it and the …

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Parabolic Bitcoin Prices

Posted on So 11 Juni 2017 in misc • Tagged with Bitcoin • 1 min read

I've certainly been aware of this, especially of all the silly "if this trend continues, bitcoin will be work $250,000/coin" articles. Maybe a correction is being set up, maybe not. Only time will tell.

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Google Trends for Gold and Bitcoin

Posted on Do 08 Juni 2017 in misc • Tagged with Gold, Bitcoin • 1 min read

It appears that the search 'Gold' is more popular than 'Bitcoin.' Only time will tell if this remains the same.

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