Introduction to Driverless AI from

Posted on So 07 Juli 2019 in Data Science • Tagged with, Machine Learning • 1 min read

I finally posted a new video on my YouTube channel after a year of no activity. It felt good and is part of my 'content refresh' project I'm working on. In this video I do an introduction to Driverless AI and its EDA capabilities. The forthcoming videos will go into …

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Building a Machine Learning Framework from scratch

Posted on Mo 05 März 2018 in misc • Tagged with Machine Learning • 3 min read

Great article by Florian Cäsar on how his team developed a new machine learning framework. From scratch. In 491 steps!

He summarizes the entire process up in this great quote:

| *From images, text files, or your cat videos, bits are fed to the
  data pipeline that transforms them into usable …

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How StockTwits Uses Machine Learning

Posted on Fr 02 März 2018 in misc • Tagged with Machine Learning, Python, StockTwits • 2 min read

Fascinating behind the scenes interview of StockTwit's Senior Data Scientist Garrett Hoffman. He shares great tidbits on how StockTwits uses machine learning for sentiment analysis. I've summarized the highlights below:

  • Idea generation is a huge barrier for active trading
  • Next gen of traders uses social media to make decisions
  • Garrett …

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The Rise of Machine Learning Trading

Posted on Di 24 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with Trading, Machine Learning • 1 min read

This is huge if you ask me. First it was roboadvisers and now the machines are going to take over trading.

The machine learning agent found and exploited arbitrage opportunities in the presence of transaction costs in a simulated market proof of concept. via Newsweek

What I gleaned from this …

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AlphaGO Zero learns on its own

Posted on Do 19 Oktober 2017 in misc • Tagged with Google, AlphaGo, Zero, Deep Learning, Machine Learning • 1 min read

The news dropped that Google's new implementation of AlphaGo, called AlphaGO Zero, was able to learn completely on its own. No training set was first used, rather it built it's own training set as it played against the older AlphaGO.

Earlier versions of AlphaGo were taught to play the game …

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