Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects

Posted on Mi 22 Februar 2017 in misc • Tagged with Raspberry Pi, Projects, Maker • 1 min read

Some of these projects are darn cool. Perhaps the best one is Amazon releasing instructions on how to turn your Pi into an Echo Dot.

Of course the weather station project and retro video arcade game project is cool too.

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Machine Learning on a Raspberry Pi

Posted on Fr 27 Januar 2017 in misc • Tagged with Machine Learning, Maker, Raspberry Pi, Startups, Tinker • 1 min read

It looks like Google is catching up to the idea of machine learning on a Raspberry Pi! Someone put RapidMiner on a Pi back in 2013 but it was slow because the Pi was underpowered.

The Pi has been a great thin client and a small, but capable server. I …

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DIY your own Alexa!

Posted on Fr 25 März 2016 in misc • Tagged with Raspberry Pi, DIY • 1 min read

Now this I gotta try!

Another great reason to get a new Raspberry Pi!

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Pi Projects

Posted on Mo 05 Januar 2015 in misc • Tagged with Raspberry Pi, Projects • 2 min read

Over time, I've amassed a small army of Raspberry Pi computers by putting them to use in all sorts of small and fun projects.

I first started out with the #RaPi project, installing and configuring RapidAnalytics on a 2 Pi cluster successfully. The experiment came to a grinding halt after …

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RapidMiner: A Leader in Advanced Analytics

Posted on Mo 24 Februar 2014 in misc • Tagged with RapidMiner, RapidAnalytics, Raspberry Pi • 1 min read

Last week the news broke that Gartner Research placed Rapidminer in the Leader Quadrant for Advanced Analytics. I can't say that I was surprised at the news, but I was extremely happy to know that we share the Leader Space with names like IBM and SAS.

The report is a …

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