Startups and Open Source

Posted on Di 27 November 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with Open Source, Startups • 2 min read

This is my third startup. Or maybe my fourth, I'm not sure but it gets hazy after a while. What I do know is that if I ever do another startup, I'll use open source to make it happen.

Let me explain with a bit of back history.

My most …

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VC's Killing Startups

Posted on Do 14 Juni 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with Startups • 2 min read

While VC's are a necessary part of growing a startup, they can kill it too. I've seen this happen too many times where the VC's kill the goose that laid the golden egg. They're so driven by financial goals that they interfere with great startups that just need a bit …

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What works; What Doesn't Work

Posted on Sa 19 August 2017 in misc • Tagged with Startups, Thoughts • 2 min read

An important lesson I've learned while working at a Startup is to do more of what works and jettison what doesn't work, quickly. That's the way to success, the rest is just noise and a waste of time. This lesson can be applied to everything in life.

Data is your …

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Startup Funding

Posted on Fr 12 Mai 2017 in misc • Tagged with Startups, Funding, Money • 2 min read

ICYMI the Startup markets are getting hotter in the Data Science space. Every time I turn around, some small company got millions of dollars in startup funding. It used to be a company with an algorithm or data science library but now it’s Data Science platforms. These platforms are …

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Machine Learning on a Raspberry Pi

Posted on Fr 27 Januar 2017 in misc • Tagged with Machine Learning, Maker, Raspberry Pi, Startups, Tinker • 1 min read

It looks like Google is catching up to the idea of machine learning on a Raspberry Pi! Someone put RapidMiner on a Pi back in 2013 but it was slow because the Pi was underpowered.

The Pi has been a great thin client and a small, but capable server. I …

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