H2O World 2018 - London

Posted on Mo 12 November 2018 in Data Science • Tagged with Travel, Work • 2 min read

It's been two weeks since I've been back from H2O AI World 2018 in London. First off, London is always a great city. I love it. Add in H2O World and it was like a machine learning fairy tale.

Kaggle Grandmasters, new H2O-3 and Driverless AI releases, and awesome speakers …

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Throwback to Gartner 2017

Posted on Sa 08 September 2018 in Thoughts • Tagged with Gartner, Travel • 1 min read

I was going through some old files when I stumbled across these old Gartner 2017 photos. What a great trip down memory lane with the RapidMiner team. We had so much fun down there.

Gartner 2017 image 1

Oh man, somewhere there's a video of a colleague swimming in the fountain after a long …

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Photos from Germany

Posted on Mi 26 November 2014 in misc • Tagged with RapidMiner, Travel • 1 min read

As I mentioned before, I was in Germany for Radoop training and while I was there I managed to take a few photos of the area surrounding the Rapidminer office in Dortmund, Butzbach, and Frankfurt.

Having coffee with Anita in Frankfurt.


A rainy day in Frankfurt.


The view from the …

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Radoop Training in Germany

Posted on So 23 November 2014 in misc • Tagged with RapidMiner, Radoop, Big Data, Travel • 2 min read

I spent last week in Dortmund at the Rapidminer office - the place where it all started - to take part in Radoop training. It was a mind blowing experience and simply put, Radoop makes Big Data easy. Why? Radoop adheres to Rapidminer's promise to Accelerate, Connect, and Simplfy data and analytics …

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Boston South Street Station

Posted on Do 10 April 2014 in misc • Tagged with Boston, travel, Amtrak • 1 min read


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