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Bitcoin is not Dead! Apr 20, 2018 Bitcoin & Blockchain & social According to Howard Bitcoin is not dead. I agree with him that price is a big indicator of where things are going but I can’t help but wonder that Bitcoin is in a bubble Nov 10, 2017 Bitcoin & social Precisely for what this guy is writing about. Bitcoin is not a bubble, contrary to the dishonest and non-factual claims of bank executives. There Parabolic Bitcoin Prices Jun 11, 2017 Bitcoin & social I’ve certainly been aware of this, especially of all the silly “if this trend continues, bitcoin will be work $250,000/coin” articles. Maybe a Google Trends for Gold and Bitcoin Jun 8, 2017 Gold & Bitcoin & social It appears that the search ‘Gold’ is more popular than ‘Bitcoin.’ Only time will tell if this remains the same. Cryptocoin volatility May 28, 2017 Currecy & Bitcoin & Ethereum & social About two years ago I bought a few Bitcoins. I averaged into them around $400 and then promptly forgot about them. It was around the same time that It's the Blockchain, stupid. Mar 28, 2016 Bitcoin & Blockchain & Startup & thoughts I’ve been a big fan of Bitcoin for a while and the potential for a true digital currency, but lately it’s been having problems. Some prominent Bitcoin Mining Dec 26, 2013 Bitcoin & social The bitcoin logo The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I started bitcoin mining with my Raspberry Pi and an ASIC miner, just for fun