Welcome to Neural Market Trend's "Tutorials" lesson page. I teach you how to build machine learning models and use Data Science to solve your business problems.

Most of my tutorials are related to RapidMiner but you'll see some Python, Excel, and even R Statistics tutorials. I hosted a weekly 'Learn RapidMiner Live Stream' at my YouTube channel here.

Feel free to drop me a comment or question either on the blog or the YouTube channel! Thanks for visiting!

New for 2019

New for 2018

A short recap of the tutorials I wrote for 2018. The majority of them are realted to RapidMiner. I started to branch out more into the automation space by using Python and RapidMiner because I was a starving consultant that the time. The goal for me is to automate as much stuff as I can so I can focus on the high value theings. I automate Twitter and and extracting RSS links with the tutorials in 2018. I even added to my 'quiet' YouTube channel with some live streams and new videos. Go check that out.

New for 2017

In 2017 I updated some old RapidMiner tutorials and corrected mistakes. I also started experimenting with Keras and NLTK too. I also published my volatility model using RapidMiner and linked to the research paper that started it all on this blog. There's lots of great content below as I was making the shift from a full-time RapidMiner employee to a starving self-employed consultant.

New for 2016

The year 2016 was a pretty fruitful year as I updated my first set of RapidMiner tutorials and wrote several new ones. I also started experimenting with Groovy, a dynamic java scripting language. I also share how to use PlotLy with RapidMiner and a simple trend following model.

New for 2015

New for 2014

RapidMiner 5.0 Videos (on YouTube)


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