$100 Forex Experiment

Good Morning. Yesterday’s currency sell-off triggered several of my buy orders as the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs dropped through support after support.  The end result was that I started to pyramid losses. However, I stuck to my trading plan and planned for a long wild ride. In case any new readers are wondering, I will (re)post my trading plan on this blog later today.

Finally, overnight the pairs started to firm up and now my GBPUSD pair is showing a nice profit as it heads back to the magic $2.00 level. The same with my EURUSD position but it’s still underwater at bit. I have confidence that both pairs will climb back to their highs because the my nerual trend models continue to show a strong Euro and Pound relative to the dollar. In other words the Euro and Pound’s trend remains up. In fact the signal coming from the Pound is a STRONG UP!”

GBPUSD, 04-27-2007GBPUSD, 04-27-2007

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