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ARM Hits an All Time High

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It looks like the Generative AI market finally caught up with ARM, or rather the Momentum and Trend Bros got a hold of it. Yes, ARM hit a new all time high and that’s exactly what I want to see after an IPO. ARM IPO’d back in September 2023 and starting a slight upward trend in November. Add in the NVDA craziness and “AI this” and “AI that”, it’s no wonder ARM is going to the moon.

Plus, the had a good earnings this past Friday, which gives them a PE ratio of about 1,800. Yes, the valuation is INSANE.

ARM Daily price ARM Daily Trend

The price action has been very nice and the trend is definately higher. This is a classic “buy high and sell higher” strategy and you have to be very careful with where you place your stops.

ARM Relative Performance to Nasdaq ARM seasonal performance

ARM is wrapped up in the AI and GPU craziness right now and if history serves as a guide, this won’t last forever. The hard part is figuring out when to get off the rocket ride and bank your coin.

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