Dinky Gen Z'ers Not Having Kids

Double income, no kids. Maybe a dog?

Dinky Gen Z'ers Not Having Kids
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

I love this article. It's going to scare the pants off people like Musk and Bezos because it means no more consumers to buy your crap. It looks like Gen Z couples are deciding not to have kids in record numbers. They're DINKs! Double Income No Kids couples that would rather spend time doing fun things instead of being tied down to kids.


A childfree Gen Zer explains what being in a DINK couple has meant for her lifestyle and finances
Being a DINK means the possibility of retiring early and having financial independence.
Now, Officer and her partner are happy DINKs. They're part of a growing legion of couples who are choosing to remain childfree, and reaping the benefits of a double-income lifestyle without the expense of kids.

This makes me lol because the crux of this problem, I believe is, inflation. It's so damn expensive to have and raise kids that the Gen Z'ers are saying "Fuck it, let's YOLO our life instead!" The cost of healthcare, real estate, food and basic necessities, and education has priced out tiny humans.

It's a sentiment that's becoming more common, as more Americans are drawn to the DINK lifestyle. An increasing number of Americans between the ages of 18 to 49 say that they're unlikely to have kids, per a Pew survey, and about 5% of the US's total population is couples who are cohabiting without kids. Older Americans increasingly do not have children, per the US Census Bureau, with about one in seven women between the ages of 40 and 44 childfree.

Hell yeah! With work being so crazy these days, I completely get the intent to become financial independent and living your best life without kids holding you back. Is it selfish not having kids? Not at all because it's a binary choice you make. It would be selfish if you had kids and then ignored their needs, so no kids = not selfish. In fact, you could argue that NOT HAVING kids is selfless, because you don't want to burden them with all the crap that comes with life.

How's that for flipping the script?

It's no wonder some politicians want to ban abortion, they just want to weigh these Gen Z'ers down, but they ain't having it. Fun times ahead.