NVIDIA Breaks Out

Buy the F'ing dip, dipshit

NVIDIA Breaks Out
Photo by Thomas Foster / Unsplash

It finally happened, again. Nvidia (NVDA) breaks out to a new all-time high! Long-term trend followers rejoice because it was on decent volume, +63 million shares traded. Could it go higher from here? Definitely. These long-term trend plays tend to keep going until something turns the entire market, or they cheat/lied. Then it all comes crashing down.

NVDA All Time High, (c) neuralmarkettrends.com

Long term holders (not trend followers) have been rewarded handsomely over the years. NVDA's performance, relative to the Nasdaq, started to diverge around 2016. It's price appreciated substantially more than the broader tech market and everyone rejoiced until mid 2018.

NVDA relative performance, (c) neuralmarkettrends.com

Crap if I remember what it was, maybe it was President Trump doing looney Trumpy stuff or maybe it was "your mom," but NVDA blew it off. The lucky dipshit I am managed to pick up some cool shares in early 2023 before it split and made a small fortune. I got stopped at the end of the summer. C 'est La vie.

NVDA seasonality chart, (c) neuralmarkettrends.com

NVDA is one of those stocks that a lot of analysts freaks hate. Running all my usual "I'm using my secret algos to beat the market" processes that "lull me into doing stupid trades because I'm stupid" that don't make sense anymore.

For a while, NVDA had a seasonal component. You'd buy in the Nov-Apr and make more money. Now? It's all over the place, it doesn't matter when you buy, just as long as you buy. We're entering "Buy The Fucking Dip" territory and that's going to make for great entertainment. Stay tuned folks!