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Gold to Silver Ratio Forecast for 1 week ahead

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Note: The following gold to silver ratio forecasting model is v0.4 and price forecasts for Friday’s close during regular US trading days.

Price Summary & Forecast

Gold To Silver Ratio closed this week to: 76.56, from 77.70 last week.

The percent change was -1.46 percent.

The price forecast for next Friday’s close is: 85.76.

The swing price forecast targets are: 77.64 low, 96.82 high.

Gold to Silver Ratio Chart

Weekly Gold To Silver Ratio Price Chart

Gold to Silver Ratio Trend Chart

Weekly Gold To Silver Ratio Trend Chart

Note: A high Gold to Silver ratio typically means that Silver is favored over Gold. Conversely, a low Gold to Silver ratio means that Gold is favored over Silver.

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