Boost Passive Income with Hugo CMS

Maximize passive income with Hugo CMS! Build and scale niche websites effortlessly for higher traffic, better SEO, and increased revenue streams.

Boost Passive Income with Hugo CMS
Photo by Piret Ilver / Unsplash

This short post is just a way to get my thoughts down on "paper" about using Hugo to hyper-scale niche websites. I've been researching niche websites and their ability to capture niche traffic to generate passive income. Yes, the name of the game is to build up a net monthly passive income of around $10,000.

To get to that level of income I need to find a niche topic that will allow me to capture long-tail keyword traffic, then monetize each page, and optimize SEO. Out of the box, Hugo is very SEO-friendly but you still need to work at it. On top of that, you'll need to tweak a lot of its themes. The thing with Hugo is that it does include the batteries but you kind of need to know where to put them and in what order.

Why hyper-scale? Once I have a few themes optimized and content ready to go - on my given topic - I could easily deploy two, five, or 20 websites in minutes. I think the fastest I've ever deployed a live website with Hugo and AWS Amplify was 43 minutes.

The plus side of all this is that AWS Amplify is cheap and very scalable to traffic. At the base of it, my monthly cost per website should be $5.00 on the high end. Multiplied over 5 niche blogs, that would be $25.00. If I pay an SEO writer to write me 10 targeted articles at $100 per month per site, then I'm looking at a total cost of $525 per month. That's a pretty low cost in my book because I will have to outsource a lot of the content writing in the beginning.

In theory, low cost + fast deployment + page speed and SEO + monetization = passive income.

In theory, if the content is well-researched and SEO optimized I will be able to capture long-tail keywords that should bring in 100 to 1,000 average visitors per month. With the right monetization using Amazon Ads and an ad script like Google Adsense or Ezoic, I should be able to generate revenue.

Of course, this is all an experiment and I will start slow. I'm working out the kinks on this site, for example, I recently introduced AMP pages for Neural Market Trends. I expect things to break as I work my way through this journey.

PS: I know this post isn't very SEO optimized.