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Neural Market Trends
Makers vs Takers Dec 1, 2018 Makers & thoughts The best startups have a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude. When a problem arises, no one get’s assigned the task to solve it. The team jumps right in and How Passive Investing Saved My Life Nov 29, 2018 Passive Investing & Retirement & Life Goals & thoughts Passive investing saved my life in many ways, but not in the way you think. It didn’t swing from the trees like Tarzan and snatch me away from a Startups and Open Source Nov 27, 2018 Open Source & Startups & thoughts This is my third startup. Or maybe my fourth, I’m not sure but it gets hazy after a while. What I do know is that if I ever do another startup, The Process of Writing Nov 24, 2018 Writing & thoughts Writing. I have such a love hate relationship with it. I try to write things of interest to my readers but I’m struggling to reconcile what to H2O AI World 2018 in London Nov 21, 2018 London & & Data Science & social It’s been nearly a whole month since I’ve been back from H2O AI World 2018 in London. First off, London is always a great city. I love it. Add in Ray Dalio's Pure Alpha Fund Nov 20, 2018 Investing & Automation & thoughts Ray Dalio’s Pure Alpha Fund returned 14.6% for 2018. That’s an amazing feat considering the majority of hedge funds averaged a loss of 6.7%. How Isolation Forests in Nov 17, 2018 Data Science & & machine learning A new feature has been added to H2O-3 open source, isolation forests. I’ve always been a fan of understanding outliers and love using One Class Living the Dream? Nov 14, 2018 Personal & thoughts I’m going to preface this post by saying that lately I’ve been pretty emotional. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that in a Humility and Equanimity in Sales Nov 3, 2018 Sales & Life & thoughts Dear Friend, I’ve been meaning to write about the importance humility and equanimity in sales. From my personal past observations, it seems these What is Reusable Holdout? Nov 2, 2018 Data Science & Model Training & machine learning Overfitting and introducing bias during model training is always a big topic in data science. Typically you train a model using Cross Validation by H2O World London 2018 - Record Signups! Oct 26, 2018 & machine learning We now return to our regularly scheduled machine learning and sales engineering posts, already in progress… I’m off to London later tonight to go to Open Source Oct 22, 2018 & Open Source & thoughts Dear Friend, I’ve been think a lot about open source lately. I’ve also been thinking of closed source and open core too. All those words. What Oct 3, 2018 & social This week (10/3/18) I traveled to Mountain View, the ground zero of this awesome AI startup. I’m in sales engineering training and learning all the NYC AI Event 2018 Sep 29, 2018 & social Not even two weeks in at and I’m already giving presentations. Boy did I misst this! Sorry for the shaky -photo. Was too excited. iML Package for Model Agnostic Interpretable Machine Learning Sep 28, 2018 Machine Learning Interpretability & machine learning In this video the presenter goes over a new R package called ‘iML.’ This package has a lot of power when explaining global and local feature Women in FinTech: Dr. YY Huang Sep 27, 2018 Fintech & Women & social I worked with Dr. Huang at RapidMiner for a few years and found her to be an amazing and talented data scientist. She was recently interviewed by Why I Left RapidMiner Sep 21, 2018 RapidMiner & thoughts For those that are wondering why I left RapidMiner, my dream job, there are no gory details to share. The simple reason is I got burnt out. My Clients and Friends Sep 12, 2018 social One of my first clients at RapidMiner was Marco. He bought RapidMiner Server from us to build dashboards and do a lot of ETL for his company in Matrix Factorization for Missing Value Imputation Sep 12, 2018 & machine learning I stumbled across an interested reddit post about using matrix factorization (MF) for imputing missing values. The original poster was trying to Guess What? I Joined H20ai! Sep 11, 2018 & social I’m super excited to be joining the ranks of! I’ve accepted an offer to join their Sales team as a Senior Customer Solutions Engineer, and I Next page