Introduction to Keras

Posted on 2019-04-24 in Data Science • Tagged with Keras, Tutorials, Video, Tensorflow • 1 min read

This is a really great introductory video on Keras and how simple it makes calling complex deep learning libraries like Tensorflow. The 13 year old author builds a great deep learning model in under 100 lines of code.

I do some questions w.r.t. to the AUC score being …

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Introduction to RapidMiner Server

Posted on 2018-07-24 in Data Science • Tagged with Data Science, RapidMiner, Tutorials • 1 min read

I made a new video on RapidMiner Server! This is just a high level overview of the Web GUI and how to navigate through it. In future videos I'll be showing you how to productionalize a RapidMiner Studio process, expose Web Services, and even make a Dashboard.

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Working with the Instagram API, JSONPath, and RapidMiner

Posted on 2018-07-12 in Data Science • Tagged with Instagram, JSON, RapidMiner, Tutorials • 2 min read

I used Scott's excellent RapidMiner Instagram API tutorial to build one of my clients a simple hashtag/keyword tool for brand marketing. The problem with that process was that it used the Instgram API and needed access tokens. First, getting an access token from Instagram was an utter pain in …

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Python Script to Parse Blog Feeds

Posted on 2018-04-03 in Tutorials • Tagged with Python, RSS, Tutorials • 1 min read

I recently wrote a small a python script to parse blog feeds and then tweet them out via Twitter. It randomly takes the first 5 RSS entries of a feed and them tweets one out. You'll need to get an API key from Twitter and the credentials, but it's a …

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Mean Reversion Trading Process in RapidMiner

Posted on 2018-03-19 in Tutorials • Tagged with Mean Reversion, RapidMiner, Trading, Tutorials • 7 min read

{{<}}RapidMinerLately I've been think about becoming more active in trading again. I was reviewing some strategies and decided to recreate a mean reversion trading process in RapidMiner. I found a mean reversion trading stategy that uses Python here and just recreated it in RapidMiner.

The Process

The process is quite …

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